Employee Relationship Management for modern business

Organisational performance

Better understand employee engagement, culture satisfaction and leadership effectiveness.

Safety, risk and quality assurance

Complement your existing risk management and control systems with an additional layer of visibility.

Projects and change management

Ensure projects and change programs stay on track and are implemented effectively.

Learning and development

Get the best out of training and learning initiatives with regular follow-up and reinforcement.

Help to improve overall communication,
performance and productivity.

Contemporary business leaders understand the importance of timely information to improve decision-making. Agility and adaptability are highly important for long-term sustainable competitive advantage. Employee Life creates an organisational 'early warning system' to help maximise opportunities and minimise risks.

Seek regular feedback

Employees are a great source of information about changes that are about to happen, or have already happened.

Review in real-time

Be aware of issues 'as they happen', and compare results against previous periods to understand trends.

Take corrective action

Timely information promotes better decision making to improve performance or get back on track before it is too late.

Share and communicate

Improve further participation and engagement by sharing and communicating results, corrective actions and timeframes.

Employee Life helps both employees and organisations

Identify trends

Easily identify trends and issues through real-time interactive 'longitudinal' dashboards.

Anonymous surveys

Gives employees the confidence to express their honest opinion, every single time.


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Optimised for all devices

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Early warning system

A few simple questions each month can be the difference between identifying an issue early, and months of disruption.

Peace of mind

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